What To Do With Your Pittsburgh Bathroom?

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas in Pittsburgh

Remodeling your bathroom offers many different exciting possibilities and you don’t need to look very far for inspiration.  As a contractor we’re often shown photos in magazines, referred to different websites, and shown the ideas a homeowner has for their bathroom.  The good news is… If you’re talking to a competent contractor everything you want is probably possible… The bad news is, your budget needs to be realistic because high quality bathroom remodeling costs money.

What Will Remodeling My Pittsburgh Bathroom Cost?

Tile or Stone ShowerThat’s a good question and not something that can be answered over the Internet with much accuracy.  What we can tell you though, is that if you only have $2000 or less for your bathroom remodeling project, you’re not going to get very far.  New flooring, a new vanity and other small improvements will be it.  If you’ve been clipping out magazine photos and surfing the home improvement idea sites for your inspiration than you’re probably going to be in the ball park of a $10,000 – $25,000 bathroom depending on how elaborate you’d like to get with your material choices and extras.

One of the biggest contributors for cost with a bathroom remodeling project is the need to make sure everything is waterproof, especially if you’re having  a new tile or stone shower installed.  The failure to properly waterproof a bathroom remodeling project is often the cause of mold, mildew and other problems we don’t even want to talk about.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you want a total bathroom transformation then there are a few “must haves” for a modern bathroom.

#1.  His and Her Sinks:  If you have the space in your bathroom a new vanity with side by side sinks is a great way to lessen the morning rush and offer you and your spouse a more personalized bathroom experience.  Vanities can be elaborate with ornate wood work or they can be extremely simple and used for nothing more than counterspace and storage.

#2.  Heated Tile Flooring:  If you’ve felt the luxury of a heated tile floor beneath your foot, it’s not something you’ll ever forget.  In fact, it’s quickly becoming  a very popular bathroom remodeling project for homeowners who are doing a new tile floor because of it’s relatively low cost.  Unless you have a massive bathroom it’s likely more affordable than you think and offers a luxurious experience you’d expect to find at a spa or 5 star hotel.

#3.  Custom Tile or Stone Showers: Natural and luxurious are usually the first thoughts that come to mind when you see a tile or stone shower.  You’ve likely never stayed in a fancy hotel that didn’t make use of the beauty of these materials.  Tile or stone showers, granite bathroom countertops are all commonplace in luxurious hotel bathrooms so why not add it to yours?

 KBK Remodeling is a full service home remodeling contractor serving the Pittsburgh area.  We specialize in bathroom remodeling projects such as custom tile showers, new bathroom vanities and more.  If you’d like an estimate for your bathroom remodeling project don’t hesitate to contact us.