Remodeling Ideas For Your Pittsburgh Kitchen

Kitchen Remodeling IdeasNeed inspiration for your kitchen remodeling project?  There are many different ways to get ideas for your kitchen and if you’ve been living with the same kitchen for the last 10+ years then maybe it’s time you started to exploring some of them.

Here are a few kitchen remodeling ideas for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania homeowners who are looking to make a statement with their kitchen.

Skylights Will Brighten Your Kitchen Up

Skylights work great for a kitchen and will bathe the room in lots of natural light.  It also gives the allusion of more space.  A skylight will let the midday sun through when you’re making lunch and if you’re up early enough to see the sunrise you’ll be able to enjoy the natural beauty through the skylight as sit down and enjoy your morning coffee.  Skylights are usually a multi-day project for most home remodeling contractors.  Because you’re essentially cutting a giant hole in the roof of your home, weather is a concern, as well as making sure all flashing and sealants are in place to make sure your skylight doesn’t leak.  A roofing contractor is a good idea as well to make sure everything is sealed up and finished correctly.

Kitchen Islands For More Storage and Counterspace

Kitchen Islands can quickly add some usable storage space to an already full kitchen.  Never mind the storage space it will add most homeowners (kitchen lovers) are more excited about the extra counter space.  If you’re like most homeowners kitchen counter space is always prime real estate.  Kitchen Islands can be custom built or bought ready-to-go and generally a fairly simple install for most home remodeling contractors.  If you want to have plumbing or electrical in your Island then the installation can be a little more complicated.  The most enjoyable kitchens to work in usually include an Island.

Tile Backsplash

Tile Backsplash in Kitchen

New Kitchen Counter Tops Give An Immediate Facelift

New kitchen counter tops are a great visual and functional upgrade for your kitchen.  A common upgrade for homeowners who are looking for quick and affordable visual improvements, especially for resale of the home.  Kitchen counter tops come in a variety of materials from the affordable laminate counter tops everyone is familiar to the very luxurious granite and slate materials.  Installing new kitchen counter tops into your home can usually be completed within a day or two.  Obviously the contractor will need to come out ahead of time and do some accurate measuring to quote you an accurate price.

Create More Kitchen Space

Do you need more space in your kitchen?  Do you have a wall that could come down, or an adjoining room/space you aren’t using?  Every situation is different but a good home remodeling contractor will be able to offer suggestions on how to achieve this in your home.  In some cases it’s as simple as taking down a wall, in others you may have structural or code concerns that come into play.  You also always have the option of expanding outward if the kitchen has 1 or 2 exterior walls but this obviously adds to the expense of the project.

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