Our Process

Step 1: You’ve Already Completed This!
The first step to getting started is simply finding us… You’ve found a great remodeling contractor now you need to act.

Step 2: We Need To Touch Base and Make Contact
You can call us at (412) 452-0859 OR feel free to use one of the contact forms on our website.  Your information will be send to us immediately and you’ll receive a nice reply letting you know we’ve got it.  We’ll promptly get back to you so we can setup your appointment.  Please fill out the form as best as you can and provide some details on your project situation.

Step 3: We Have Our Initial Meeting
During the first meeting we aim to achieve several goals including establishing

  1. scope of work
  2. discussing rough budget
  3. exploring options
  4. creating an intial design and or design plan based on the project
  5. getting to meet each other.

Step 4: Review the Initial proposal.
You’ll receive a detailed proposal for your project including everything we spoke about in our initial meeting.  This document will list all materials, prices, along with our terms and contractual obligations.  This is something you’ll be able to compare to other bids you may receive for your project and will show you how well organized we really are.

Step #5:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Eric Kettering
KBK Remodeling