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Drywall Hanging, Finishing and Taping Services Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.

Drywall Hanging, Taping and Finishing Pittsburgh

Are you in the process of planning a remodeling project where you will need drywall installation?  At some point towards the end of your project you’re going to need to have your walls and ceilings finished with drywall.  The quality of the drywall installation is going to determine how straight and seamless your interior walls are going to be.  When the final coat of paint is sprayed on the walls you want it to look perfect.

KBK Remodeling is a full service home remodeling contractor in the Pittsburgh, PA area.  Traditionally, we’ve been a company focused on Bathrooms and Kitchens but almost every project we’ve completed has required drywall work to be done at some point, so over time we’ve formed partnerships with some very good, reliable drywall specialists we work with.

We’re not a drywall contractor, we’re a remodeling contractor first and foremost.  We’re used to seeing projects from the very start right through to completion, not just one aspect of the job.  Because of our detail oriented focus we’re able to make every project something really special for you, and that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re the most expensive either.

We believe in fair pricing for a job done right.  We’re not going to be the least expensive if you want your drywall on the cheap, nor are we going to be the most expensive if you think that’s the only option for quality.  The one thing you’ll be able to count on is that you’ll have beautifully smooth and seamless finished drywall in your home if you do decide to hire us.

Drywall Services We Provide:

  • Drywall Hanging
  • Drywall Taping
  • Drywall Finishing
  • Drywall For Remodeling
  • Drywall and Plaster Patching and Repair
  • Drywall and Plaster Skim Coating

If you have a Drywall project in the Pittsburgh, PA area then give KBK Remodeling a call today.  We’d be happy to take a look at your project and provide you with an estimate for doing the work.